I’m in awe of Santorini!!!

Spending three weeks on the beautiful Greek island Santorini was the best decision of this Summer! Yes, you heard that right, we spent THREE weeks there!

Usually I love adventurous vacations where I explore different cities, camp out in nature or go on long road trips. This holiday was different but I loved it jus as much!

Traveling in 2020 is definitely different though. We had to apply for a entry code to the Greek governement before we got there, had to show the code at the airport which decided if we had to do a COVID test or go ahead and enjoy our time there immediately. We both got lucky and they let us go through without any test.

Getting picked up by a driver at the airport and him driving us directly to the hotel was very convenient. We stayed at the Aeolos Suits in Imerogivli and I cannot reccomend it more. They brought the breakfast to our room each morning, we had our own whirlpool on our balcony and let’s talk about the view – stunning doesn’t make it justice. Just look:

One thing that you have to know about Greece is that they are the friendliest and most hospitable people I have ever met! No matter if you meet them on a tour, during wine tasting or in a restaurant. They all treat you amazingly and will actually remember you when you go back there the next day or even a week after!

Another incredible thing about Greece is the Greek food! Woow every meal we had was delicious and prepared with so much love! We actually had Tzatziki EVERY day of your trip and I am missing it already. When talking about food I also have to mention two of Santorini wineries. We did a tasting at the Gavalas & Santos vineyards and if you can you should really go and enjoy both places. They are so different but equally exciting and beautiful!

So if you ever get the chance to travel to Greece, be prepared to eat a lot of wonderful meals and drink so delicious wine! Enjoy!


Even on our very chilled three week vacation in Santorini we had to get on a few little adventures. We decided to book a Catamaran Sunset tour with Caldera Yachting and it was worth every penny!

They pick you up at our hotel, drive you to the harbour, you’re on the catamaran for about 5 hours with different stops to go swimming, snorkeling or explore a hot spring. They also cook you dinner on the ship which includes fresh sea food, vegetables, and other vegetarian dishes. I never had mussels before so I tried some and ended up clearing the whole plate!




Another highlight was our sunset kayaking tour. Kalliopi was the most loveable and ispiring guide we could have ever asked for! She was incredible and took us to lots of different caves, cooked dinner for us and filmed us cliff jumping! If you ever find yourself in Santorini you should definitely check out her tours:


2020 is not the usual travel year but we had the BEST time in Santorini and I for sure left some part of my heart over there!

I cannot wait to be back there on day!